PONO stands for Product Of New Orleans. This four letter acronym represents the PEOPLE that enrich the environment with a mixture over filling this Gumbo Pot of diversity.  Art, Culture, Food, Music and one of a kind Products has given this pearl inside an oyster shell the profound right to call New Orleans the most unique city in the US.

We the people of PONO have stood thru the hardships of time and the essence of change without loosing our true culture that creates the heartbeat of the city. Pulsing thru the streets from a second line band generating interconnected family of livelihood and southern hospitality found nowhere but the place we call home.

This is where the Founder of PONO experienced life of NOLA thru the eyes of an artist visualizing the depths of his surroundings and overcoming the trials to become a man in a harsh environment. This never stopped nor distracted this visionary to use his "born-n-raised" lifestyle to create a unique style of art that will  surely have a lasting impact not only on his city but the world. 

Before creating a new design, Spadoni absorbs inspiration from the city around him to craft a blend of art never seen before. For Spadoni, developing new illustrations and designs for his PONO Collection is a timely process to detail each illustration and bring them all to life as a collation of fashion and practical items for everyday use as one of a kind pieces of art. 

Spadoni along with many other risk takers and move shakers make the city what it is to this present day. PONO is a legacy to restore our past and bring it back to life.

We Carry On - We Are PONO.